New Orleans Saints Confirmed that Alvin Kamara will not play in Vikings Vs Saints Match.

Stacey Dales revealed that New Orleans Saints team's running back player Alvin Kamara will not play at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

Dennis Allen (Head Coach) told Stacey Dales, that Alvin Kamara would not participate in Week 4 match Vikings Vs Saints in London.

Alvin Kamara was officially one of 7 inactive players of the team.

Kamara's arrival in London on Sunday was doubtful.

The New Orleans Saints already knew that they would play without quarterback player Jameis Winston, who was downgraded on Saturday.

Jameis Winston was replaced by quarterback player Andy Dalton.

Alvin Kamara has played a total of 16-game slate in rookie season 2017, since then injuries hindering him from playing.

He missed multiple matches of each season due to a dual dynamic injury in 2018.

Without Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara and Jameis Winston, the New Orleans Saints offense would look very different in London on Sunday.

Now the entire reins of New Orleans Saints are in the hands of Andy Dalton, as the team tries to recover from the continuous defeat.