Russian influencer Veronika Loginova could be jailed for 6 years for did not stop using Instagram.

Russian influencer Veronika Loginova uploaded a post on her Instagram in which she told that she could face up to 6 years in prison for did not stop using Instagram.

There are more than 556K followers on Veronika Loginova's Instagram account.

Veronika Loginova told that her mother called her in August because the police came to her mother's house to investigate.

She also shared a photo of a letter sent by Russian prosecutors.

Veronika Loginova further told that two people threatened her with imprisonment of up to 6 years for using Instagram.

They said that she attracts a lot of social media users.

When the police went to her mother's house to investigate, her 14-year-old brother was also present there.

He was confused as to why the authorities came here to look for his sister.

According to Roskomsvoboda, Russia completely banned Facebook and Instagram in March 2020 for being an extremist.

Russia was isolated from the world on global internet after Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine in February 2022.

The letter sent to Veronika Loginova was sent from the Kuntsevo Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office.

In this letter, Roskomsvoboda alleged that Veronika Loginova is trying to attract users by sharing her photos on social media networks Facebook and Instagram.

He further wrote in letter that the sharing of photos on Instagram and Facebook by Veronika Loginova would be considered as participation in the activities of the extremist organization.