Tyler Perry hit back at Spike Lee's criticisms on his 'Madea Goes to Jail' character.

The film's director, writer and actor Tyler Perry said that I used this film based on my mom and aunt to thank that people who really made me.

Recently, Tyler Perry appeared on Chris Wallace's new talk show on HBO Max, where he spoke on remarks made by director Spike Lee.

Director Spike Lee criticized the film Madea, saying that this film promoted negative stereotypes of black community people.

Tyler Perry told to Chris Wallace on talk show that I love all that films, which I have done.

Because that people are those in films that I represent, That I grew up with.

Most of these people have not even studied till class 12th, but their stories and tells about how they love each other.

But when you say that you want to talk about a point of life that we don't want that the whole world come to know.

Than you're dismissing those millions of Black people's stories..

The most important thing for me is how I respect them.

They taught me a lot because of them I am here today.