The Walking Dead Season 11's Episode 17 Lockdown is an undemanding continuation of the previous episode.

Yesterday, on Sunday, the 17th episode of The Walking Dead's final 11th season 'Lockdown' has been released.

I don't think any viewers would have even notified this episode, as it seemed to be an undemanding continuation of the previous episode.

In this episode we only got to see a quick montage at the start of familiar faces apart from a bit narration by Cailey Fleming (Judith Grimes).

While it is not a bad thing to drag an episode for no reason, but it was one of the worst experiences for the viewers.

We saw Maggie Greene, Daryl Dixon, Gabriel Stokes, Aaron, Negan, and his new wife Annie being deported by Hornsby and nearly a million Commonwealth soldiers.

Yumiko was Pamela Milton's lawyer in Commonwealth, and Carol was working for Hornsby while she was looking over the kids.

While Magna, Eugene Porter, Kelly, Connie, Max were revolting against the city's rich class people.

Connie wrote an article about Pam's son Sebastian's bad habit of sending undesirables people outside from city to die  on various works.

It is very important to note one thing from the previous episode, that the newspaper shown in it looked like a terrorist manifesto.

However, there is no evidence in that article written by Connie to prove that Sebastian is the cause of all deaths of all those undeserved missing people.

But the recently released The Walking Dead's episode 17, Lockdown, reveals that Commonwealth's members believe that Sebastian is the one who killed all those missing people. 

And they begin to protest outside Milton's office, demanding that Sebastian be handed over to them so they can kill him.

To be honest, in this episode Lockdown, a lot of things were unclear.

Although the action in this episode was great, but that wasn't enough to distract us from the plot.