The Try Guys Made a Statement After Ned Fulmer and Alex Herring Scandal.

The Try Guys stated that they were shocked incredibly and deeply hurt after Ned Fulmer was left the group.

The three remaining members of The Try Guys group published a video on their YouTube channel on Monday for the first time after the Ned Fulmer Scandal with Alex Herring.

The other three members Zach Kornfield, Eugene Lee Yang and Keith Habersberger spoke in front of the camera for the first time since Ned Fulmer left the YouTube channel.

Ned left the YouTube channel saying it was the result of full consent and internal workplace relationship.

The Try Guys group made a post on their official Instagram account on Tuesday, September 27.

In which he wrote that after a complete internal review, we have decided that we can't see a way forward together.

Many many thanks to all of you who gave us so much love and support.

In video published on Monday, Zach Kornfield said that we all want to give you a timeline of what happened recently.

There was some transparency in our decisions. There are many things that we want to say or want to do in our life.

But before that we have to consider a lot of legal issues, because we are going to go through this.

Keith Habersberger said in video that several of our fans alerted us, that Ned Fulmer was spotted with TryGuys Associate Producer Alex Herring engaging in romantic behavior.

When we asked Ned about it, he confirmed this and he also said that this is going on between them for some time.

After this Ned Fulmer made a statement that I should gave priority to my family, but I lost my focus.

It was a workplace relationship with the consent of both of us. I'm so sorry for that.