Survivor 43 The face-off between the 2 rivals is very tense

Survivor's last week's episode, we saw Jeanine become the first member of the jury.

Survivor knows exactly what its portraying this week. It highlights the growing rivalry between James and Owen and Cassidy and Ryan.

"What About the Big Girls" The ninth episode of 43rd season stirred those pots more n more with double immunity challenge.

This challenge was very much lead up to the two tribes councils.

In this week's Double Immunity Challenge, the remaining 10 players were divided into two teams of 5 players each.

While Ryan and Cassidy were in one team, and James and Owen were in the other team.

Both teams will send 1 out of their players home in the split Tribal Councils and this will set the stage for a possible end for both teams.

Gradually this rivalry becomes more and more bitter. Also this episode becomes the most tense episode ever.

With this, the debate begins on who will become the second and third member of the jury.