She-Hulk: At Attorney at Law, She-Hulk's new client will be a connection to Daredevil.

The 8th episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is going to release today. And fans are so much excited to seeing Daredevil debut in MCU through She-Hulk.

In a last episode scene, we got a glimpse of one of Jen's (Jennifer Walters) legal client who may have a possible connection to Daredevil (Man Without Fear).

Jennifer Walters Meets her new legal client, Mr. Patilio. who calls himself Leap-Frog, and sometimes Guard Frog.

Something went wrong with Mr. Patilio's Vigilance suit While stopping two thieves from stealing a Smart TV.

Because of which he goes to She-Hulk to get some legal help.

Vincent Patilio or Leap-Frog is a minor character in Marvel Comics, who is also a failed inventor.

He want to invent a frog suit that would increase his strength, as well as help him to jump long distances.

He defeated multiple times by Daredevil, maybe we can get to see Matt Murdock in this episode.

There was also a small glimpse of Daredevil in She Hulk's Comic-Con trailer in July.

The makers are keeping details about when and how Daredevil might enter in She-Hulk: At Attorney at Law.