No one can replace Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds Season 16.

Matthew Gray Gubler isn't present in Criminal Minds Evolution, and it's hard to even replace his character in BAU.

Next month the BAU team is reuniting for a mission. And it's no big deal that Spencer Reid won't be on this team.

This time BAU Team will try to find out a network of UnSub that started flourishing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost all agents are reuniting to solve this case, but not all of our favorites Matthew Simmons and Spencer Reid.

But that does not mean that rest of the agents will fail to solve this case.

The team has solved many cases in the past without Spencer Reid's help, and they still dare to solve the case without his help.

Because all the BAU agents are equipped to do their work themselves.

When the team doesn't need that much Spencer Reid to solve a case, it's not so necessary to change him from team.

Apart from Reid, fans will also miss Matthew Simmons in the team, as Daniel Henney was busy shooting for the Wheel of Time series at that time.

Whereas Matthew Gray Gubler will not be present in Criminal Minds Evolution due to his personal reasons.

He said that he has played Spencer Reid character for 15 years. Now he needs to try his career in other things than this.