Why Penelope Garcia has Returned in Criminal Minds Evolution

Penelope Garcia is one of the most vulnerable members of FBI's elite team for criminal profilers.

Penelope has experienced several traumatic events while working with FBI team, which have made her even more vulnerable.

For this reason She decided to leave BAU team at the end of season.

But when the news came that Kirsten Vangsness is returning again in Criminal Minds Evolution. Then fans are wondering how she will join BAU again.

Discussing on Reddit, a user wrote that we need an explanation as to why Penelope Garcia is returning in BAU.

Whereas she decided that from now on she would like to live in an environment free from crime and murder.

Season 15 ended well, doing justice to all characters.

In this, Penelope decided that she was leaving BAU team to live in an crime and murder free environment.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kirsten Vangsness outlined all these concerns and said that Penelope does not want to join BAU again.

She has time to recreate her own life on new values.

So why would she want to experience those painful events again and step into the world of crime and murder again.

But you will be surprised to hear that Penelope Garcia will join BAU again in Criminal Minds Evolution.

Although she herself does not even know why she is doing this.