NFL Power Rankings, Top 10 Teams In This Week

In NFL, you're either doing power rankings in half your sleep, or losing your sleep for power rankings.

Power Ranking is no such thing in which you can say that my ranking is better than others.

Power Ranking means that you know where you stand.

Just as in society we compare power to influence and money, so Power Rankings in NFL mean teams that everyone wanna to be like, and follow their ideas.

1 :- Buffalo Bills (4–1)
Buffalo Bills is one of those teams that put on a terrible game. And dare to beat their opponent by 30 points.

2 :- Kansas City Chiefs (4–1)
Match we saw on Monday was one of the best matches in football. The Kansas City Chiefs will continue themselves that way.

3 :- Philadelphia Eagles (5–0)
Against Cardinals, Jalen Hurt take pressure off himself, and find an open receiver with good ball placement. Sometimes it seemed as ball was flying in the air like a lame duck.

4:- Green Bay Packers (3–2)
Slipwalking happens from time to time with good teams. The Green Bay Packers were slipwalking in London.

5 :- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3–2)

Win By 21-15 From Atlanta Last Week

6 :- Baltimore Ravens (3–2)

Win By 19-17 From Cincinnati Last Week

7 :- Dallas Cowboys (4–1)

Win By 22-10 At Los Angeles Rams Last Week

8 :- Los Angeles Chargers (3–2)

Win By 30–28 At Cleveland Last Week

9 :- Miami Dolphins (3–2)

Win By 17-40 At New York Jets Last Week

10 :- San Francisco 49ers (3–2)

Win By 37-15 At Carolina Last Week