Al Michaels tweet "NFL wants Dan Snyder to sell Washington Commanders".

Alan Richard Michaels working as the play-by-play announcer for Thursday Night Football on Prime Video.

Al Michaels (Alan Richard Michaels) may be new for Thursday Night Football, but he has been involved in this for years.

Because of this, he got many connections to the surrounding teams of NFL.

Al Michaels said if Daniel Snyder, the owner of Washington Commanders American football team will sell the team, then It will be a thrill for NFL.

Alan Richard Michaels also blamed Daniel about sexual harassment and financial irregularities and about toxic behaviour.

Michaels also said that this is a very big problem arose on NFL.

Recent sources suggest that Daniels hired privet detectives to obtain information within the NFL and other owners of teams.

This is the second time in NFL that Daniels has been accused of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct.

Al Michaels said the only way is Dan Snyder to sell the Washington Commander, a problem solving act.