More than 30 people died in a mass shooting at a childcare center in Thailand.

A gunman opened fire at a childcare center in northeast Thailand, died 30 people, including children.

Major General Achayon Kraithong told that the shooting took place at town of Nongbua Lamphu in afternoon.

The town's public affairs spokesman said 26 people deaths had been confirmed, including 23 children, 2 teachers and a police officer.

Thai media reports that the gunman also used a knife in the attack, then fled the childcare center.

The pictures are horrifying, in which 26 bodies are lying on the floor covered with white sheets.

We cannot show these pictures.

According to Thai media, the attacker was a former police lieutenant colonel.

But the police have not officially confirmed this.

It is being told in media reports that the assailant fled from there and went to his home after doing mass shooting at childcare center.

Then he shot himself there along with his wife and two children.