Lil Nas X trolls homophobic protesters in Most Epic way in Boston.

A group of homophobic protesters gathered outside the MGM Music Hall in Fenway Park.

Lil Nas X reacts in an epic way to a group of homophobic protesters while performing in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday.

He gave a very beautiful and tasty suggestion to his team on Twitter to handle the situation. 

Lil Nas X suggests serving free pizza to the all people gathered outside the hall.

Reposting the video on Twitter handle, the Grammy winner star wrote in the caption, "I just asked my team to give them free pizza."

It was actually a very good solution.

After this, Lil Nas X uploaded another video on his Twitter account, in which a member of his team is seen distributing free pizza to the protesters.

Lil Nas X further wrote in his caption that although the protesters turned down our offer.

He then wrote in a funny way, I fell in love with one of those protesters.

Although they didn't accept our free pizza, But I fell in love with one of them, a homophobic protestor.