Katy Perry Chose Double Denim Outfit for the CMA Awards Function.

Last night on Wednesday, Katy Perry attended the Country Music Association Awards function.

And you guessed it, Katy Perry chose double denim to wear for the Country Music Association Awards function.

She was seen wearing an corseted top (off-shoulder) and baggy jeans at the CMA Awards.

Perry wore a diamond and pearl choker around her neck to complete her look on the red carpet.

She had a bow at his waist, and she was wearing high heels.

This isn't the first time popstar Katy Perry has been seen wearing denim on a red carpet.

Earlier, she was seen wearing a Versace's Britney-esque patchwork dress at the VMA Awards.

This time at this CMA awards function, Katy Perry's double denim ensemble came with strong and sustainability credentials.