Kanye West hit back at Model Gigi Hadid, calling her a zombie and privileged Karen.

Kanye West hit back at Gigi Hadid in their social media fight, calling her a zombie and privileged Karen.

Model Gigi Hadid comment on Insta, in which she accused Kanye West of He never treat the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh as his friend.

Rapper Kanye West shared a screenshot of Hadid's Insta comment on his social media and he wrote...

I am not get ran over again by Hollywood.

Grammy Award Winner Rapper further wrote: you are a privileged Karen.

He further scolded Hadid and wrote you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You are a zombie.

You are speaking now, but you did not speak when my child was kidnapped on her birthday.

Now, Gigi Hadid has yet to respond to Kanye West's latest diss.

When Karefa-Johnson slammed Kanye West over his  “White Lives Matter” shirt at the Milan Fashion Week show on Monday,

Kanye West questioned on Karefa-Johnson's fashion sense, and Gigi clapped back.

However both later reconciled, and West referred to her as his sister, even they had lunch together.