Football Quarterback Justin Herbert Recieved an ultrasound-guided pain reliever injection into his ribs After Injury.

When Tyrod Taylor was earlier playing for the Los Angeles Chargers, he was thrown out of the field before kickoff.

Because when the painkiller was injected into his ribs, the injection punctured his lungs.

The Los Angeles Chargers don't want to repeat history.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that if Justin Herbert needed a painkiller injection into his ribs today, that injection would be ultrasound guided.

Which helps the team's medical staff to properly transmit the injection.

This will help prevent the injection from hitting the lung or any other area.

Chris Mortensen further said that Justin Herbert practiced once on Thursday this week after He received a pain-relieving injection.

Right now his results are mixed. It is not yet known whether he is even capable of playing in the field against the Jaguars.

Tyrod Taylor is now planning to sue the doctor who injected him into his ribs.

There is no official statement yet on whether Justin Herbert will play against Jaguars.

But the bookie public thinks that Herbert will hardly be able to play this match.