No more Love between JJ and Reid in Criminal Minds Season 16

It has already been confirmed that Matthew Gray Gubler will not return in Criminal Minds Evolution.

But there is one such thing in Spencer Reid, which still keeps people entertained.

We shockingly know from season 14 that Jennifer Jareau aka JJ is in love with Spencer Reid.

Despite JJ having two children, she was still in love with Spencer Reid.

Although they kept their relationship like a sibling for most of the seasons.

This is one of the most disliked thing about this show which most fans prefer to ignore.

They pretend as if nothing like love has ever happened between them.

Many fans are so scared from this incident, that they are still worried that the makers may bring this thing again in season 16.

Reflecting on what should happen in season 16, a reddit user wrote that we need to get rid of Spencer Reid and JJ's forbidden love.

Another user agreed and wrote that it was the biggest mistake of makers to create a love triangle between JJ and Reid.

Since Matthew Gray Gubler is no longer present in Criminal Minds Evolution, there is little chance that this storyline will be shown again.