Hotch Return In Criminal Minds Season 16

Some of our favorite characters left Criminal Minds in the past, which is why fans are hesitant for Criminal Minds Evolution.

In 2020, fans were saying that if a reboot version of this show is released, it must have Thomas Gibson.

Many fans support this argument and said that Thomas Gibson's Hotch character should be brought back and after that reboot version should be made.

Fans are adamant to bring Hotch back on the show.

His die heart fans are even begging to bring Hotch back in the show. That character didn't deserve to be rub out from the show.

You all will probably be disappointed, as we don't see any ray of hope that Thomas Gibson is returning to the show.

That's when all Star Casts of Criminal Minds Evolution have been announced.

Thomas Gibson left Criminal Minds on some amicable terms, which makes his return to the reboot almost impossible.

Some enraged fans even said that the show has gone on for a long time. It should have closed soon after Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson left the show.

Although Hotch is not present, but it will definitely be mentioned once in reboot version.