Why Dynasty Season 6 won't be coming on Netflix

The fifth or final season of Dynasty has been released on Netflix worldwide, including United States.

Even after being such a popular series, its next season will not be coming.

After all, why will Dynasty's next season not come even after being so popular? And should we believe that eventually this series is going to leave Netflix.

Netflix owns the worldwide distribution rights of Dynasty. Also outside the United States, this show is labeled and marketed under the name Netflix Originals.

Since Dynasty launched in 2017, Netflix has released WorldWild one episode per week. After few seasons, they decided to drop entire season.

Dynasty For the Unknowns is a reboot version of shop drama based on wealthy people of high society Atlanta.

It depicts two prosperous families caught in a humiliatingly dirty game of power, love and prestige.

Dynasty is more popular in Europe than in United States.

The viewership of Dynasty's first season was more than one million, which gradually decreased to less than 400K by the fifth season.

Netflix may continue Dynasty, but the show is currently in its fifth season, and there hasn't been a huge jump in viewership.

CBS Studios, the company that produced Dynasty show, has not yet given any indication as to whether or not They will be able to save Dynasty.

What do you think Netflix should give up on Dynasty, or at least work on season 6 to save it?