Matthew Gray Gubler breaks his silence on American drama series 'Criminal Minds'.

It seemed to us that Criminal Minds would air this fall.

But now it looks like the original actor of this drama series Matthew Gray Gubler has a different idea.

On September 21, it was announced that Criminal Minds will air on November 24 on Paramount+.

Fans want to watch BAU Criminal Minds in the same old fashioned way as A.J. Cook, Joe Mantegna and Aisha Tyler.

In July, it was reported that now actor Matthew Gray Gubler will be no longer play Dr. Spencer Reid character in this drama series.

We are going to see our favorite Criminal Minds actors in action once again.

 But still one question will remain as to how Dr. Spencer Reid will be added to the new reboot.

Maybe we'll get to see remnants of characters in this drama series, most probably Daniel Henney.

After debuting in season 13 Actor Daniel Henney exited the series as Special Agent Matthew Simmons.

Now it's probably a mystery what Spencer Reid and Matthew Simmons are up to.