Kirsten Vangsness is back in Criminal Minds.

There is good news for Criminal Minds fans. Penelope Garcia is returning in the show.

Paramount Global has already confirmed that the drama series Criminal Minds is returning on Paramount+.

In its 10-episode reboot, you'll get to see Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness.

In this drama series, the FBI Team of criminal profiles face the biggest threat of their history.

In this series, it will be shown how an unknown person takes advantage of epidemic and creates his own network of serial killers.

As soon the world open again after the pandemic over, that network also became operational.

Now FBI team is to find and kill all the serial killers associated with this network.

Release date of this Criminal Minds Reboot Version is yet to announce.

Kirsten Vangsness uploaded a video on her social media handels from sets in which she was dressed in a full Penelope Garcia outfit.

She wore a Polka Dot dress with funky glasses.

She wrote in her caption that Criminal Minds is back, see you soon.