Identity of Criminal Minds New UnSub Has Been Revealed

Criminal Minds Season 16 is set to release on Paramount+ on Thanksgiving Day November 24.

Paramount+ has released a terrifying and ominous poster of Criminal Minds Evolution ahead of its release.

In this poster, Identity of show's mastermind UnSub has been revealed.

The long running drama show based on police procedural Criminal Minds finally came to end in 2020. 

But in 2021, CBS announced a new reboot version of the show, which will release on Paramount Plus.

In the show, which is running since 2005, the FBI Elite Team of criminal profilers is assigned the task of identifying and apprehending the UnSubs - Unknown Subjects.

This elite team was initially commanded by Aaron Hotchner, then after that Emily Prentiss took responsibility of this team.

Criminal Minds all 15 seasons gave us an opportunity to delve deep into the UnSubs's minds.

All actors of show reunited for Criminal Minds Evolution, despite reaching their conclusions.

Criminal Minds Evolution's UnSub created its own network of serial killers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recently released poster is completely focused on UnSub.

This UnSub could be one of BAU's deadliest opponents to date.

When everyone was imprisoned in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, UnSub reached out to the serial killers home to launch their network and fulfill their passion.

Criminal Minds Evolution's makers have promised to rock all the fans with this new season.