Criminal Minds Actor Matthew Gray Gubler Has Awoken

The reboot version of Criminal Minds is scheduled to release around November 24.

Also, fans want to see some familiar faces back. Like They want to see Matthew Gray Gubler back as Spencer Reid.

BAU will once again appear in Criminal Minds: Evolution a Paramount+ revival.

In this, the return of actors like Kirsten Vangsness, Paget Brewster and Joe Mantegna has been confirmed.

But there is still a big question mark over Spencer Reid, the most loved character of this series.

Makers dashed all those fan theories, suggesting that actor Matthew Gray Gubler will return as Spencer Reid in series.

But still fans have not given up hope.

At present, actor Matthew Gray Gubler is silent about his role.

He recently uploaded his selfie on Instagram which is making a lot of headlines.

In this, Matthew's face is painted with black and white color.

And he is staring at camera. He wrote in caption 30 September vs 1 October.

Fans were delighted to see Matthew Gray Gubler's Instagram post.

They wrote in  comment box, look, He Has Awoken, now it is time to shine. Who else is happy with me.