All About Criminal Minds Evolution

Both fans and CM actors were deeply saddened when makers decided to shut down Criminal Minds in February 2020.

After 15 seasons, TV series Criminal Minds's ratings and fan interest started falling down slowly.

Because of which CBS immediately decided to shut down this TV series.

Then one day in July 2020, Paramount+ announced that They would renewing Criminal Minds for it last season.

And the name of this renewed TV series will be Criminal Minds Evolution.

Criminal Minds Evolution will have 10 episodes in total, and the team elite will work on only one case.

This is a little different from the previous Criminal Minds, as each episode of each season of previous Criminal Minds had a different case and a different villain.

But this time there will be only one case in total 10 episodes, which will be related to a pandemic.

It will tell a story of an UnSub who uses a pandemic to enlist the help of other serial killers.

The entire cast will be present in final 10th episode.

Matthew Gray Gubler has indicated that he will not be present in Criminal Minds Evolution, as he has ended with his role.

Daniel Henney will also not be present, as he is currently busy with another shoot.