Criminal Minds Cast Will Now Use Swear Words In Reboot Version. 

Fans are eagerly waiting for BAU Agents. Criminal Minds is soon going to hit your house with its reboot version.

Criminal Minds' move from CBS to Paramount+ won't thrill some of the character changes.

Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer revealed at a Television Critics Association panel last week that this time changed our streaming service from CBS to Paramount+.

We gave writers some creative freedom in writing tastes.

Like, unlike the previous Criminal Minds, this time in Criminal Minds Evolution, agents can use abusive words.

The move will notably ruffle the feathers of David Rossi, Joe Mantegna's character.

Erica Messer further said that the language is very appropriate, but some of our actors did not like the move of using abusive words.

Especially David Rossi who never appreciates unfiltered ideas.

Why did Makers of Criminal Minds decide to add abusive language in dialogues, when Criminal Minds is successful without profanity for over a decade.

This question is clarified by Screen Rant, They said that the show is now moving directly from prime time network to the streaming service.

So the authors may have had some opportunity to test new formats.