Things You Must Know About Criminal Minds Season 16

Our favorite Criminal Minds run for 15 seasons and then it was shut down.

But when its reboot version was announced, fans started doubting whether it would be able to live up with our expectations.

Which old actors will return in this reboot version or how will it be different from old criminal mind?

We all already know that in Criminal Minds Evolution, A.J. Cook, Paget Brewster, Kirsten Vangsness, Joe Mantegna, Adam Rodriguez and Aisha Tyler will return.

Also, its story will be related to a pandemic in which a criminal mastermind creates his own network of serial kilers.

Spencer Reid is one of the show's favorite character, but Matthew Gray Gubler, the actor who played this role, will not be return in Criminal Minds Evolution.

Since then, fans are worried about how the series can be carried forward without Spencer Reid. But the truth is that we must take Reid's absence to be true.

One of the most unsolved stories of Criminal Minds Season 15 was the relationship between Luke Alves and Penelope Garcia.

Luke finally asks Penelope to go out to dinner in season's last episode.

Fans want their relationship to really exist in Season 16.

Ginger Georgie said that we want Luke Alves and Penelope Garcia to be really in a relationship. Their relationship needs to flourish.

We saw at the end of season that David Rossi retires from BAU to enjoy a peaceful happy family life with his wife.

But it was later announced that David Rossi would return to the BAU in Criminal Minds Evolution. Since then, fans is confuse that how he came out of his retirement.

Perhaps David Rossi's life may be affected due to covid pandemic, or he might got bored of sitting free at home, due to which he came out of his retirement.