Classic Lotto ticket worth $39.3 million has been sold in Marysville.

All eyes are currently on the 1.9 billion largest ever Powerball jackpot.

This amount can go up even more if there is no match with the number drawn on Monday.

Ohio Lottery announced that recently an $39.3 million auto-pick Classic Lotto ticket was sold in West Fifth Street Marysville at a Village Pantry convenience store.

The winner's lottery ticket matches the numbers 6, 17, 25, 32, 34 and 42 drawn on Saturday night.

The Ohio Lottery will also pay a $1,000 bonus price for selling a $39.3 million lottery ticket to the Village Pantry convenience store.

However the winner is yet to come forward to claim his prize.

According to a report, the Classic Lotto jackpot was last hit in November 2020, when 10 public servants won the jackpot of $5.9 million.

They used to call their group Lucky 10. According to the Ohio Lottery, the odds of winning the lottery in a group are 1 in 13,983,816.