Christian Bale Revealed That Why He Left Batman Trilogy.

From Val Kilmer to Robert Pattinson, many actors have played the role of DC Comics' Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Fans appreciate Some of them, while some were criticized a lot.

But there was only one such actor, whose Batman's role was so much appreciated by fans.

He is none other than Christian Bale, whose The Dark Knight Trilogy is regarded the best comic book trilogy ever.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, this trilogy became so popular that Bale never imagined that he would ever leave this trilogy.

In an interview with GQ, Christian Bale talked about that time when he was doing Batman franchise.

He said that I loved playing this character very much, but at this same time I was also worried that I would hardly ever be able to leave this character.

I started getting scared that maybe I would get stuck in this character and would never be able to get out of it.

To stay with a franchise It is very important for you that you must like that character you play..

I did Batman for about 7 years.

I felt like I was being forced to do something different, which I don't like at all.

After Batman, he has once again entered in Comics World by playing Gaur in Thor Love and Thunder.

Bale then further said that if Christopher Nolan asked him to return as Batman  again, he could do so.