Christian Bale became a mediator in the conflict between Amy Adams and David O. Russell.

Christian Bale worked to resolve the dispute between film director David O. Russell and costar Amy Adams during the shooting of 2013 film American Hustle.

In an interview, Christian Bale talked about working with director David O. Russell again in Amsterdam movie.

He told that he once acted as a mediator when Russell and Amy Adams had a disagreement about some things during the shooting of film American Hustle 2013.

Bale further said that if I understand what both of you disagree about, then I am ready to mediate.

It is in my nature. I do what feels right to me.

If two people have a disagreement about something, I tell them, come on, let's sit down and try to figure it out.

In my opinion this is the best way to work together.

Amy Adams has already previously worked with director David O. Russell and actor Christian Bale in the 2010 film Fighter.

She told in an interview to British GQ in 2016 that she often got cry on American Hustle set.