Garth Brooks Invites Singer Ashley McBryde To Became A Member of Grand Ole Opry

Garth Brooks invited 39-year-old singer Ashley McBryde to join the Nashville country music institution.

Garth Brooks had tears in his eyes when he asked Ashley McBryde to become a new member of Grand Ole Opry.

she also became emotional as she accept Brooks's invitation.

She thanked Garth Brooks and said it would be the biggest honor and biggest day of my life.

Both celebrated as Ashley McBryde became a member of the longest living group in music history.

Garth Brooks thanked Ashley McBryde and said that now you are also a part of us, we all need you.

We all hope that you will make our family stronger and even stronger for decades to come.

McBryde was born on July 29, 1983 in Saddle, Arkansas.

She was aware of different types of music from her young age, and also very fond of writing songs.

Growing up in Arkansas in childhood, Ashley McBryde moved to Nashville, Tennessee for pursue of making career in music.