Deebo Samuel's Shoulder Injury Casts Shadow on 49ers' Playoff Triumph

Deebo Samuel's left shoulder injury in the NFC divisional round raises uncertainty for the 49ers.

Coach Kyle Shanahan expresses concern, citing Samuel's similar injury earlier in the season.

Samuel's attempts to return to the game prove unsuccessful, leaving the team in suspense.

The 24-21 win against the Packers becomes bittersweet as Samuel undergoes further testing.

Sources suggest a chance for Samuel to play in the upcoming NFC Championship Game.

The impact of Samuel's absence is evident, with offensive dynamics shifting in the game.

Tight end George Kittle emphasizes the team's difference without the versatile receiver.

Jauan Jennings steps up, showcasing adaptability in the face of Samuel's injury.

Shanahan acknowledges the challenge of adjusting to the loss of a key player.

Samuel's injury brings back memories of a similar setback earlier in the season.

Despite uncertainties, the 49ers secure a spot in the NFC Championship Game.

The looming question: Can the 49ers overcome Samuel's absence in pursuit of glory?